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Review: Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing

Usually when writing a review I have many words that I want to put down however when it comes to Delia Owens’ debut novel I find it difficult to think of just a few that will do it justice. I know from doing some research that this novel created a mixture of opinions, from one look at Goodreads it is easy to see that some people absolutely adored it and others absolutely hated it.

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My top 5 Books of 2020

I’ve read a lot in the past year and to be honest I probably can’t remember every single book but I do want to share some of my favourites, ones I have reviewed and ones I have kept in the corner of my brain (in the hope I will write about them and never do). Reading has proved ever so useful in the midst of numerous lockdowns and worrisome times. […]

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5 Books You Need to Read, Recommended by an English Lit. Student

Now beside the possibly pretentious title I did really want to write this. Not because I think I know it all and believe I am the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to reading but because I’ve genuinely received something from each and every one of these books. […]

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Looking for Books? Here is a Sustainable Way of Getting Them.

Along with clothes, books are one of the most thrown away items that clog up our landfills each year. An enormous amount of novels get published in a year but the number of them actually being well received and bought, unfortunately, isn’t high. […]

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