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For those who like a darker palette, this print adds a romantic hue to our much loved scenery. Paired perfectly with ROSIE or as a stand-alone piece, RUBY is here to make a statement.

A4 Giclee Print

£12.50 (Includes P&P) SOLD OUT


Photographed during a walk in lockdown, I’ve transitioned my photo into a graphic piece honouring Mary Anne’s Cottage in Dunnet. The green palette celebrates the beautiful landscape found in Caithness and the peaceful atmosphere we experience while roaming the hills.

A4 Giclee Print

£12.50 (Includes P&P)



Giclee Prints for £9!

Due to an unforeseen printing error both ROYAL and ROSIE were printed in a slightly brighter colour. Due to them being moderately different to what was originally publicised I have decided to offer them at a discounted rate.

Original Giclee Prints are sold at £12.50

ROSIE AND ROYAL WILL BE SOLD AT £9 until stock lasts.

2 ROYAL in stock

1 ROSIE in stock.

Drops 1-2 Remaining Stock

‘Droplets of Flowers – Large’


£8 per print

‘Highland Cow’


£4.50 per print

‘Snippet of Home’


£5 per print


Limited stock currently available.

Packaged in a cellophane sleeve with a card backing in premium tissue paper. Your parcel will also contain a thank you card. A personalised message can be added upon request.

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Payment Details – You will only be added to the order list once payment is confirmed. Payment can be done via Paypal (Family and Friends) or through bank transfer.

Delivery is handled by Royal Mail and will take 3-5 days to arrive. I am not accountable for the handling of the prints once they are out of my hands. Lost or damaged packaging are at the responsibility of Royal Mail.

Giclee Prints – To ensure the prints last and keep their quality they should be kept out of direct sunlight and handled with clean, dry hands.