10 Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands

When it comes to shopping, the word ‘affordable’ is key for a lot of people, me being one of them. Sustainability is something a lot of people don’t tend to associate affordability with […]

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A Students Perspective on Sustainable Fashion

I am in favour of anything sustainable. I am a firm believer that the world needs to take active steps in reducing factors like its carbon footprint to make the world we inhabit last a lot longer. I am not in favour however of guilt tripping people about their habits without knowing their economic reasons, or any reason for that matter, behind their attitude […].

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My Relationship with Lockdown: An Update.

How many weeks are we now into staying home? I think I have well and truly lost count. In fact I don’t think I started counting in the first place, mostly because I didn’t (and still don’t) know what day it is.I have lost the plot. […]

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My Skincare Routine.

When I used to think of skincare I would perceive it as a chore and would do the bare minimum. That being, taking off my makeup before bed and putting on the odd bit of moisturiser. Now after watching/reading multiple blog posts/videos from Caroline Hirons […] I knew that an actual routine would be helpful.[…].

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Jewellery on a Budget: Rings.

If you haven’t seen my last post, I shared my love for jewellery in regards to necklaces and how to shop them on a budget. So, this time I’m dedicating a whole post to rings. Rings were never something I wore, I thought they would be extremely annoying […].

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Jewellery on a Budget: Necklaces

I LOVE JEWELLERY. I particularly love expensive jewellery. However, I am a student with struggling finances so spending the odd £60+ on one item is not happening. […]

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Just Because You Have a Birthday in Lockdown Doesn’t Mean it Can’t be Special.

Lockdown has stopped a lot of things, one being celebrating getting a year older with your family and friends. […]

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Your Privilege Should Not Silence You. Educate Yourself and Speak Up.

Nothing easy is ever worth doing. I heard that once and have never let it go. This applied to this post. More than I want to admit. Because this isn’t easy. Why may you ask? […]

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How to Keep Yourself Occupied in Lockdown.

I know a lot of people are having nice weather and are probably lying out in the sunshine. However, the probability of that where I live (in the Scottish Highlands) is not a guarantee. […]

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Stop Letting Lockdown Dictate You.

I want to start this post by highlighting the fact it is not going to be abut ignoring the rules. PLEASE FOLLOW THEM. Instead I want to remind you that how you deal with it is your choice, […]

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Why I Feel The Need to Write a Blog

I don’t know, for those who know me, if this exactly comes as a surprise but yes the website you’ve stumbled upon (or maybe I’ve made you read) is from my *I was going to say mouth but technically is actually my fingers.* […]

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