A Week in Student Meals: Winter Edition

Now that the colder months have started to roll in (I say start, I’ve been freezing since September) we’ve been moving more towards warmer dishes like soups and stews to fill us up and warm us up.  You guys seemed to love my last post so I thought I’d come back with another what I eat in a week to showcase the delicious food we have had and more importantly how you can cook on a budget. […]

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A Week in Student Meals

If I haven’t banged on enough in my food blog posts about the frustration about not knowing what to cook, there is also the added pressure to do it cheaply. This, I know, can be difficult so I thought I would combine both ideas in one and provide you with what we ate as a flat for a week on a budget […]

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My Most Loved Recipes: Savoury Meals and Sweet Treats to Boost Your Week

Instead of trying to alter or come up with some new recipes for here, I thought I’d share some of my favourites from fellow bloggers, chefs and websites. To share the love and all that. This list includes sweet treats and savoury meals, all pretty easy and equally delicious.. […]

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Recipe: Kirsty’s Crunchie Tiffin

If there is anything I’ve eaten a lot of in the past 3 weeks it is this stuff. It tastes very good. Yes tiffin is not the healthiest (by a mile) but whoever said good tasting things were never healthy is on point when it comes to this. Filled with delicious layers of biscuit, chocolate and crunchie, there is simply nothing you cannot love about it […]

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2 Easy and Affordable Recipes for Lunch

Lunch time. The one time of day where I dread going into the kitchen to think of what to make. Being more of a creative person, part of me doesn’t want to waltz in there and purely make a sandwich or a plain salad. I want to rustle up something that is exciting yet doesn’t take the time of day to make […]

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Recipe: Gooey Chocolate Cake

If you haven’t read my last post then you won’t know that I went dairy-free for a week (for health reasons). So, when it came to eating or making anything sweet I was stuck for choice.Then my mum came home with a reduced chocolate trifle from Tesco and all I could do was stare at it longingly.[…]

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Going Dairy-Free For a Week

Now before anyone says anything I did not go dairy free because I thought it was ‘cool’. A lot of people don’t get to chose this lifestyle and I don’t want to disregard that. However, I did go on it for health reasons which this unfortunately didn’t help. It was worth a try […]

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Recipe: Triple Chocolate Cookies

There was a time when I did not enjoy baking, I was never like my mum where the random need to bake would take over me and I definitely did not find baking relaxing […].

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Recipe: Iced Cinnamon Buns

When I say I’ve never been messaged so much about one thing, I mean it. The recipe for these iced cinnamon buns have been highly requested. Trust me, they are worth it! […]

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