An ‘about’ section is something I find difficult to write. Mostly because it’s just me sitting at my desk trying to imagine what people actually want to know. So rather than listing off things like a CV, I’ll start from the beginning…

I set up Sophie’s Edit during the pandemic, which now feels like a world away from where I am now. In truth, I had thought about it for a while but like most people, I needed the excuse of slowing down to push me to do what I had wanted. Over two years later and I am still writing blog posts weekly and have opened my own shop.

I am also a recent English literature graduate with a passion for learning and I am very competitive (I play netball and have done for over 12 years). My degree helped me to find my passion for literature, TV and film. Which will always be a big part of what I write, I love sharing my thoughts on other peoples creative projects while bouncing off ideas and finding an understanding for the reasoning for certain decisions. I am a curious human being, and this very much supports that. Now after finishing my degree, I’ve been lucky enough to take writing into my work as a Communications Executive here in Edinburgh. In that sense my passion straddles a lot of what I do, which I am eternally grateful for – its not every day you get that luxury!

I live in Scotland, between my hometown in the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh. I love Scotland and take a lot of inspiration from it for both my art and my writing. In that sense I want to share my passion for my home across all aspects of my website.

I live in Edinburgh with my twin sister and my best friend, between us we all share a love of food, which we hope to put across on this lovely little corner of the internet.

If anything I hope this provides a distraction for you all and a corner of the internet where we can all be ourselves, so we can create discussion without the fear of judgement.

Feel free to contact me using any of the ‘social’ links provided below or any work projects can be sent to my email. They are a great place to keep up to date with what I am doing and when I release new content.

Much love,