The humble about section. Welcome! Honestly writing about myself makes me want to push my head into a wall but I’ll give it a try.

I am a 20 year old student, originally from a small town in the Highlands but now situate myself in Edinburgh for my studies. I am in my third year of university (studying English Literature) and in all honestly have overthought this bit far too much. So, if you couldn’t tell, this blog is going to explore my life and passions, while simultaneously trying to make myself not overthink everything I say.

I live in Edinburgh with my twin sister and my best friend, between us we all share a love of food, which hopefully (when we can move back in together) will be appreciated on this platform.

I’ve set this up during a global pandemic, not sure if that is overly useful information but I promise that is not my inspiration for any of this. However it did give me the chance to push myself to do something I’ve put off for the past year and a bit.

If anything I hope this provides a distraction for you all.

Much love,

Sophie x


What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Uni.

As a third year uni student (which is extremely scary considering it feels like I only just went into first year) I think I’ve gotten a good idea of what is necessary and unnecessary to take to your new home. Whether that is in student accommodation or private renting. I’ve accumulated suggestions from a range […]

Thought of the Week: How do You Measure Success?

This is a question that has been bothering me for a while. That much it was nagging me in my sleep. After starting my own business and writing this blog for over 6 weeks it’s come to my attention that I keep asking myself when is it deemed *right* to say I am successful? Is […]

Come Shop My Prints this Saturday!

I am delighted to announce that I’ll be joining the fabulous #caithnessmarket this Saturday (1st August) between 11am-3pm. Set up due to Covid-19, a bunch of different businesses (often changing/growing each month) have come together to produce a range of content to help promote their products when they can’t get out and about to do […]