A New Year

I can’t believe I am already writing that we’re in 2023. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing about 2021, partly I think because Covid ruined my perception of time. Nevertheless, that is definitely one thing I’d like to not reference for the foreseeable. I wasn’t going to write about starting a new year, largely because I don’t do resolutions or see it as any sort of new beginning. However, it seemed like a nice way to start the year, in the sense of doing a personal piece, rather than jumping into a review or a styling item.

When I say I don’t do new year resolutions, I mean it. I’ve gone through the whole ‘I am going to start being healthy’ or ‘this is the year I go to the gym’ which lasted not even a month. I then progressed into doing what I perceived as more ‘manageable’ resolutions like journaling or focusing on my mental health. Neither of which became prominent factors at the front of my head when going about my day to day life by the end of week one. It’s not because I don’t think they are important, it is that my brain does not correlate with pressure put on myself to achieve something so insanely broad, without someone checking up on me or having measurable outcomes to hold me accountable. Across the board, I’ve never really seen the benefit of them. If anything, it helps people buy into the idea that they need to change themselves, both physically and mentally, to be happier. Although that obviously helps, it’s a lot to put that on one time of year.

Instead of New Years resolutions, I like to think about what I’d like to do with the 12 months that stretch ahead of me. One is definitely travelling. I got my passport renewed just before Covid, and for someone who hasn’t travelled much, I’d really like to take advantage of it. Where, is a different story but at this point, even if its going around different parts of the UK, I’ll be happy just to go somewhere new and spread my wings a bit.

I was talking to my colleague the other month about how I continually want to challenge myself and never feel totally comfortable. I mean, I don’t like being out of my comfort zone so I am not saying its easy, but especially with my job and learning in general, that’s where challenging myself is totally comfortable. Hence why I want to do some courses and continue to get a true sense of fulfilment through consistently pushing myself to do better.

Hopefully, challenging myself in other aspects will come naturally after, but that’s a small start and one I feel pretty ready to face head on. I’d also love to expand my circle and meet more people in my profession. How? I have no idea and it is one thing that definitely scares the living daylights out of me. But I want to try. I love having creative conversations and bouncing off of someone else who has the same amount of passion as me.

Finally, I want to enjoy my year. I want to soak in every second after a pretty busy 2022, it’s the one thing I don’t think I did enough. Being present is something I don’t feel great about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit on my phone when I am doing things or seeing people (in fact that’s the one thing that grinds my gears the most). But I do think that being present also means remembering and embracing moments when they happen and after graduating, getting a job and navigating a lot of new life moments last year, I don’t think I did that enough. Maybe that also comes hand in hand with being more proud and appreciative of what I have done but grasping onto those moments when you’re chasing the next thing, is quite difficult at the time. Who knows, maybe that’s a bit too frank and profound for a twenty-two year old at the start of their career but your girl can try!

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll know what I truly want from this year until its right in front of me. I think we can all agree that life is pretty unpredictable so all I can hope for is happiness and good fortune for my friends and family.

Even if resolutions are not my thing, I am glad I have some things to look forward to and once I shift this cold that has hung about, I’ll be set to face what’s ahead with *hopefully* a good amount of energy.

I hope you had a lovely festive break – what are your plans for 2023? Are you like me and can’t be bothered with resolutions? Let me know below!

Much love,


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