Christmas gift guide

Yup, it is the first week of December and I am already mentioning the ‘C’ word. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared so for those that aren’t already extremely keen (yes I see those who have already wrapped their presents), I’ve put together some suggestions of my favourite places so I can take some of the stress out of the gift giving search. I’ve largely focussed on independent businesses with a few of my favourite, more well known brands dotted about. The festive period is known to be the season of giving and what better present to give to a business owner than your support. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, I have you covered.


Daisy Jewellery
Hey Harper

Jewellery is a classic gift for Christmas and I have definitely fallen into that trap considering I’ve got about 4 different pairs of earrings on my wish list but they do hold such sentimental value and when you get the right pair, they can last you for years.

Whether that’s some statement earrings for you to liven up your Christmas outfit or a dainty necklace that becomes a staple in your collection, these selected jewellery vendors are dependable and offer a unique selection of pieces.

Lark and Lily Designs – Lyndsey offers timeless pieces that are beautifully made. Based in the North of Scotland, Lark and Lily Designs offers both bespoke jewellery and a variety of staple, handmade pieces that are intricate and full of detail. This will certainly be a present to remember.

Missa and Kissa – this minimalist jewellery brand based in Edinburgh offers stunning pieces of jewellery at an affordable price point. Offering every piece of jewellery possible, your Christmas wishlist is well and truly covered here.

Hey Harper – Known as the ‘original waterproof jewellery brand’, Hey Harper allows you to get your ‘gold’ fix without the price point or the tarnish. With a variety of pieces on offer and some fantastic styles, I believe everyones taste can be catered to.

Daisy Jewellery – I will always look at Daisy Jewellery as a place selling quality, long-lasting pieces. So if you’re looking for something at a higher price point for a special someone, then this might be the place to do it, especially if they have a love for warmer tones.

The Fairy Workshop – last but not least, if you’re looking for something with a bit of bling then Holly’s store is what you should be looking at. Specialising in bracelets with a variety of beading and gems, it makes the perfect gift for someone who likes a bit of sparkle.


Style Your Space

Gifting someone a special something for their home is a great way of adding something sentimental to your loved one’s space. Especially with the amount of craftsmanship that goes into unique, homemade items, it can be extra special to showcase how much they mean to you.

Style Your Spaces – This is an Edinburgh based studio which specialises in bringing smaller independent makers to your homes. Offering a wide range of interior goods, Katie’s store is a small slice of heaven and the good news is, you can also order online.

Hannah Cambridge – Hannah recently opened a store in Wick in the north of Scotland and branched out to ceramics as well as a variety of different artistic projects which will sit beautifully in your home. With independent, small businesses at the helm of her ethos as she collabs with local makers, alongside a vivid creative flair, Hannah’s shop update on the 4 December is not one to be missed.

Sonny Day Studios – Also based in Edinburgh, this homeware site offers a variety of different products from across the globe, all wonderfully homemade. Centred around peace and tranquil feelings, the point of Sonny Day Studios is to bring calm into your home which I’d say is well and truly the case.

Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas – Of course, these are both more well known brands but I do think they come in handy for gifting as they offer fantastic homeware items that bring some warmth and soul into your home. Oliver Bonas is available here, and Anthropologie can be accessed here.

Subscriptions and Gift Boxes

The Tartan Blanket Company

As they say, subscription and gift boxes are the gifts that keep on giving and in this instance I actually think they are great for two reasons. The first being you can set this up for however long you want and it can act as a nice surprise, especially if you send it from overseas. On the other hand, most places also offer a single subscription where you can send it once if you love what they offer. So if you’re stuck for one solitary gift, these are also fantastic.

The Tartan Blanket Co. – These guys are offering probably one of the most ingenious boxes, filled with one of their renowned scarfs (of your choosing), alongside a selection of small gifts which you can pick from. The Tartan Blanket Co. have a range of price points and if you are looking for quality, this is where you will get it.

The Portobello Bookshop – The independent book store on the outskirts of Edinburgh have started to offer a subscription service which also comes with an illustrated pamphlet, a mini interview with the author, and some extra special items. Plus you can set this up for however long you want – great right?

A Box of Stories – I reviewed these guys a few years ago and really align myself with their ethos. You are getting to discover new authors while saving books from getting lost forever, a great combination if I say so! A Box of Stories is quite customisable while giving you four books in return for saving them.

Kocktails – you may recognise this brand when I reviewed Pasta Evangelists as I received free cocktails with my box. As an independent company they also offer subscription boxes where you can deliver new cocktails every month to one lucky recipient – perfect for those who like a drink but might not have a clue how to make some of their favourites or they don’t have all the ingredients.

Bloom and Wild – a classic in the subscription service world but I must admit, Bloom and Wild do offer a fantastic service with a gorgeous array of flowers. So, if you have someone who loves flowers or you want to tell someone you’re thinking of them, then a box of flowers straight through their letterbox might be the perfect way of doing that!



Scents are quite particular to a person and it can be a huge hit and a miss with what to get. However, a wellmade scent can be quite dependable if you get it right and can become a firm favourite in a household. So, if you don’t know where to start, I’ve put together my favourite places for some great scents.

Caithness Aromatics – Erin does a great selection of hand wash, lotion, body wash, diffusers and room sprays which are a massive hit in my hometown, up north. She also offers luxury gift sets which make the perfect gift! So if you’re stuck, Caithness Aromatics has you sorted!

Caithness Candle Company – The Caithness Candle Company offers a large variety of scents which bring me straight back to being home. I absolutely love the smell of gorse which is rare to find here in Edinburgh so if you’re looking for a reminder of the Scottish coast or you want a wonderfully handcrafted candle with various other scents on offer, you can find them here!

Meraki – Meraki is a popular brand found in a lot of home stores and after buying one of the candles last year and gifting one to a friend more recently, I can see why. The scents are subtle but calming in very minimal packaging. The Denmark based brand also offer skincare and haircare (amongst others) so it makes the perfect place to gift a special someone the spa experience!


Pretty Pickled

I often find clothes are a risky purchase but gifting a voucher or simply understanding their style, can be an easy way of gifting something that they truly love and will wear forever.

Beira – Beira are an Edinburgh based company who specialise in sustainable luxury fashion, designed in Scotland and made in Italy. They save fabric that was originally going to be discarded from high end designers to craft everyday pieces of clothing. So if you’d like to embrace the circular economy and gift someone a piece of clothing that will stand the test of time, this is the place to do it.

Torn Vintage – Vassia’s shop is a dependable place to go for quality vintage items and she is genuinely passionate about everything she sells. I recently bought a trench coat from Torn Vintage and it has become a staple in my work-wear wardrobe. At an affordable price point with a range of items on offer, this is a great gifting option.

Treen – I loveee Treen and the minimalist, quality pieces they offer. Another Edinburgh based brand bringing sustainable fashion to the forefront. Its definitely higher in price with a similar price point to the likes of Cos and Whistles, but if you’re looking for chic, well crafted clothes and accessories, this is a must visit (plus the store in Stockbridge is stunning).

Pretty Pickled – Another business started in the heart of Edinburgh, Ailidh’s food-themed sweaters, t-shirts and tote bags are what I call a ‘fan-favourite’ for Christmas. Full of quirky puns and slogans, if you know someone who loves food, then this is definitely one to check out.

There you have it, a comprehensive gift guide that isn’t too overwhelming and gives you lots of choice to support such fantastic businesses! I know this year will probably be different for a lot of us, I don’t think there has ever been such stress attached to the ‘gift giving’ period but if you can, I am sure it would mean the world if you spend what you can afford at local businesses so they too can spread the Christmas cheer and put food on the plates of their loved ones.

I am always on the hunt for new places to check out so let me know your favourite gift shops below!

Happy December!


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