The Best Places to Brunch in Edinburgh

I’ve lived in Edinburgh for over four years now and if there is anything I love about this city, it’s the extensive amount of food you can get and the fact it sustains my love for brunch. Brunch, if you didn’t know (and if you don’t, where have you been), is that lovely spot in-between breakfast and lunch where it is socially expectable to eat sweet and savoury items at around 11 o’clock. I.e the best part of the day.

However, the one thing that makes Edinburgh so difficult, is that there are so many places to choose from! And believe me, I feel like I haven’t even touched the surface on the best brunch spots in town. However, what I do have are some fantastic, reliable spots where you can get well fed and looked after. Considering I get asked where I recommend more times than I can count, I thought it would be best to put them all in one place (you’re welcome).

Argyle Place

[First photo @argyleplace]

Argyle Place is probably one of the most beautiful places to have brunch. The architecture and design have been extensively thought out to the point where you’re not only paying for really good food and coffee but a fantastic atmosphere to match. Not only do they pride themselves in offering top quality coffee, they also have an array of pastries and baked goods in which you can sit and have a lovely afternoon sheltering from the cold Scottish weather or you can treat yourself to the seasonal small plates and lunch items which are sensationally made.

I had the Rye French Toast with bacon, two poached poached eggs and a vanilla maple syrup. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the poached eggs went with this and was delighted with the portion size as well as the quality of the ingredients. The special item on the menu was a beef kofta with garlic and tahini yogurt in a brioche bun alongside a cucumber and tomato salad which was also well received. No one left disappointed and if that isn’t a marker of good food, I don’t know what is.

Every menu item is freshly made and has a varied amount of options to suit everyone. I was impressed with the combinations they had on offer and if I could have tried everything on the menu I would – that’s how good it all sounds. You also know somewhere has a love for what they serve when these items get changed regularly, which makes every visit just as exciting as the first!

Really, Argyle Place is a feast for the senses and any creatives dream (do me a favour and check out the bathrooms when you’re there). I’d go back time and time again and implore you to check it out!


[first photo from @greenwoods.edinburgh]

The story of how Greenwoods arrived in Edinburgh is a sweet one and made me love the little slice of heaven even more (read more) but as they say, the proof was in the pudding, and the food did not disappoint. I recommend Greenwoods to anyone looking for some brunch, more because they offer a wide selection of items and the food is genuinely really tasty. The Amsterdam brand have transitioned the mood and feeling of the city, into the small restaurant that finds itself in the New Town of Edinburgh. It is quaint and really inviting and although slightly on the more expensive side for brunch (especially compared to most full breakfasts found in Scotland), they haven’t received such a positive reputation for no reason.

Next on my list are the rather fantastic looking pancakes. A trusty, reliable spot which should be added to anyones brunch list!


[Photos from @themilkcafe]

MILK is one of those places that do great food, quickly and well. I still think about the time I had their banana bread which was probably the best I’ve ever had. They have three locations across Edinburgh, with spots in the West End, at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and at Inverleith Park while also offering catering.

I went to MILK in the West End about a year ago and was greeted by such positive and welcoming staff (to the point that I still remember them) as well as some really good food. They’ve also got a good selection of filled baguettes for lunch amongst other cakes and pastries. The only thing to note, is that the West End location only has benched seating which isn’t the most comfortable but if you’re looking for a quick brunch that tastes great, here is the spot for you!

They’re located not far from my office so I must go back and get my banana bread hit asap!

The Pantry Man

[Photos from @thepantryman]

To me, The Pantry Man is synonymous with Edinburgh. I am always surprised if someone tells me they’ve never been after living here for quite a few years. It is positioned in Stockbridge and is the ‘go-to’ spot for brunch. I think every time I’ve gone, I have practically always had to queue which says a lot about the popularity of the place.

They’re known for their fantastic waffles and the ‘Sunshine on Stockbridge’ amongst others, which means they are another really tasty, reliable brunch option. The place itself is extremely sociable and is always busy, which to me, really emphasises that its a crowd pleaser! I’ll always have it as an option if I am in the area, and you should too!


[photos from @loudonscafe]

Loudons is probably one of the most reliable brunch spots for every person out there. They cover meat eaters, vegans and those that are dairy and gluten free extremely well while serving up some really good food. The Fountainbridge spot which is close to my flat, is always busy and they are now at ‘New Waverley’ as well.

They’ve got a variety of pancakes and full cooked breakfasts, an extensive amount of Eggs Benedict and some great lunch options too. Although it is a well refined and contemporary place, Loudons is in fact an independent brand that have done extremely well for themselves. It is definitely one to check out (I also highly recommend their scones).

As I said, brunch is still something I am tackling here in Edinburgh and I have loads left to try. Next on my list is The Palmerston and Salt Cafe as I have heard really good things about both of them but if you have any other recommendations let me know! I am always on the look out for some new places to try.

Are you a sweet or savoury person when it comes to brunch? I usually lean more on the savoury side of things but I do love pancakes and as you may have noticed, I can easily be swayed for some French toast. Let me know if you check any of these out, I’d love to know what you think!

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