100 Blog Posts

100 Blog posts. I mean where do I even start with that number? I’ve sat down 100 times and have written 100 pieces of content in the past two years. Which feels like a very far away number for me. It’s hard to conceptualise that as it only feels like yesterday that I published this website mid pandemic. 

A lot of people have asked why I started writing or what compelled me to publish it. I can’t say it’s easy doing that in a small town in the middle of nowhere where everyone is engaged with everyone’s business. I guess to some extent publishing what I wanted was taking control of that, especially during a four-year period where a lot of personal stuff was going on and I had lost all sense of self control over who I was as an individual. 

Not that I air my personal business on here, but I do find it cathartic to sit down and channel rage, sadness, happiness etc. into these posts. It’s given me a chance to process things and mull information over, even if it hasn’t gone anywhere or I’ve concentrated it on an entirely different topic. 

It’s also given me a lot of self-belief and power in my own voice. I’ve become a lot more passionate about subjects (I am sure some people would say annoyingly so) and I feel more centred and secure in what I believe. Yes, I may have gotten to this place without writing but it is nice to know it’s come from a place of discovery and patience. Something I have truly done by myself.

I’ve also learned that creativity comes in different forms, something which I don’t think I appreciated before. I didn’t recognise fully that writing, especially in a format that consists of opinion and factual content, could channel my creative energy and allow me to express myself in a way that, to a certain extent, artists also do. It’s pushed me to write on topics that can be extremely difficult and has led me to thinking outside the box; making campaigns rather than just standalone blog posts. When I first planned on writing, I didn’t think about the wider work that was involved in running a website, but I am grateful that it’s given me a chance to learn, develop and apply new skills to territories I didn’t think I would have approached when I first started this.

Original Content

Review: Bernadine Evaristo’s ‘Girl, Woman, Other’
Recipes: Iced Cinnamon Buns
Jewellery on a Budget: Rings

My writing has always been for myself and if someone wanted to read it, then that was a plus! But I think that’s why I accepted everything I’ve done; it was never for anyone else. I’ve now slowly incorporated different purposes alongside this; trying to inform people with the information I put out. If I can open someone’s eyes to world issues; showcase theoretical and social perspectives on literature and film which may change the way people look at things; persuade people to cook differently or try new things; or to simply give people resources and ideas when it comes to personal style or self-confidence. These are all ideas I try and channel through my work so there is a consistent message and purpose. But at the same time, if I want to write purely for myself, then I’ve got that as an option too. 

Writing 100 blog posts is hard but it has given me a sense of ambition, routine, and creativity in spades and although uploading content onto the internet was never something I thought I could do, I am so grateful that I took the leap and did it. It is the classic saying of ‘we only regret the chances we didn’t take’ and although that sounds like it comes directly from a yearbook quote or one of those trashy notebooks, I standby the fact that I would have deeply regretted not doing this.

So what now? I mean, it is not like writing 100 posts was ever my goal so to say I am going to replace it with a bigger number sounds insane, and it’s a good thing I am not. But fear not, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, I am thinking of ways of broadening Sophie’s Edit, transforming it and making it more inclusive. I want to hear from more people, engage with different thoughts and opinions, and give people the chance I wish I got. 

This website was always set up with the intention of giving myself experience, honing my writing skills and forging my own voice in a very crowded space. So, if I can give that to someone else, I’d be mad not to give them the chance!

So stay tuned! For now, I will see you next week with my 101 blog post!

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