Summer Style Guide

Well, now the weather has literally hit an all time high, it seemed like a good time to discuss dressing for the insane heat. My Summer wardrobe has always been a flexible one with pieces that are easy to transition and mix with other items. But it can also be incredibly difficult to have reliable and transitional items, I think we can all agree that shopping for Summer in Scotland is a whole different ball game.


Linen Blend Trousers

To me, anyone wearing jeans in the sun is missing out. I have hardly touched my jeans in the past few weeks and that’s because I am well stocked with a great selection of trousers. My one recommendation is to get yourself a pair of linen trousers, yes they are a pain to iron but these linen blend ones form H&M are incredibly comfy and they are perfect for going to work in.

I’ve also just bought a pair of cream trousers as wearing black during the heat is not always the wisest decision. They are another pair that prioritises comfort as they are easy to throw on but look great with very little effort. They are the right material where it is breathable and does not attract the heat – win win right?

ASOS Design draped trousers.
UNIQLO Wide Straight Leg Trouser


Shirts are the perfect layering item for when it’s hot and can really add to a pretty simple outfit. Plus they come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so the world is your oyster when it comes to shirts! They have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe; fit for Summer, work and layering in Winter.

I often pair mine with a pair of shorts and a vest or I will tie it up over a dress. A linen shirt, a striped shirt and a white one are good bases to cover.

Oxford Shirt
Linen Blend Shirt
Zara White Shirt


I feel like this is a no brainer but some days when it is far too hot the last thing you want to think about is what to wear. So having items you can rely on is perfect! I have vests, t-shirts and dresses I can throw on without thinking twice and so should you! For this section I am focussing on t-shirts and tops rather than dresses but keep scrolling for those!

Investing in basics is the best way to go and it really doesn’t cost the earth. There is nothing worse than a sheer white t-shirt or a vest that does’t quite fit right. Most likely, if you do end up on that path, you’ll be throwing them away after one Summer and that is one thing we do not stand for! This white t-shirt from Arket for example is designed to last.

Ribbed Tank Top
Knitted Silk Blend Cropped Tank Top
Standard Fit White T-Shirt


Ribbed Knit Bodycon Dress

You may notice a theme with the items I’ve suggested and the main one has been minimal, easy dressing. I like no fuss clothes for Summer and because Summer in Scotland doesn’t last very long, I like items I can use time and time again. This bodycon dress is super easy to throw on and I often pair it with a shirt, whether that is tied up in a knot or just left open. These dresses can also be transitioned into winter by acting as a skirt if you wear a jumper over it.

On the other hand, a pop of colour is perfect for Summer and if you get it right (whether that is length or pattern) they can last the length of time and be reused for Spring and/or Autumn.

Gingham Midi Smock Dress
Frill Neck Mini Dress

Summer Outerwear

Oversized Shirt with Pockets

If you don’t need a jacket during the day in Summer in Scotland, then you will most likely need one in the evening. I am a massive fan of the ‘Shacket’ – Shirt Jacket – and if I am honest, I have quite the addiction to jackets in general (it may be a problem). However, Shackets are the easiest thing to throw on and proportionally I love how they look!

You can get clever here and switch it up with prints and colours. I go with minimal colours to make sure I get the most out of them but I do have a black and white checked cotton shacket and a green oversized shacket to mix things up.

Oversized Overshirt
Brushed Twill Shacket

As you can probably tell I am really enjoying the more minimal style right now and I love how transitional every item is. I can change them with some jewellery or by layering so there are endless options! If you want a Summer Accessory guide let me know and I can pick out some of my favourite items.

What was your favourite item and as always, this is a guide for inspiration as much as it is for shopping, although I have linked items, think about where you can buy them from. There are sites like Depop and Vinted that can source you similar for cheaper and sustainably. Similarly, think about why you’re buying items and how often. I shop consciously and try and get the most wear out of everything!

Let me know what you think below – I love seeing your comments!

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