Pasta Evangelists Review

The infamous ‘at home’ dinner kits have exploded over the past few years and the market continues to grow with businesses and restaurants now catering for in person guests and those who’d rather enjoy their products in the comfort of their own home. Pasta Evangelists have taken advantage of this boom with the creation of a pasta delivery service which specialises in fresh ingredients, homemade pasta and upmarket recipes.

The company was founded by Alex Savelli who first started his company by delivering homemade pasta to his friends and family in October 2015. In an interview with the Evening Standard Savelli details the inspiration for starting his company, stating that his Italian roots were calling to him as his previous lack of passion in his other business stopped it from growing, so pasta seemed like the right fit. The Standard states that the business is funded by ‘the former CEO of Anya Hindmarch, James McArthur, former consultant Chris Reynoldson, and three “pasta evangelists” including cook school founder Prue Leith.’ (2018). Clearly, the business had a solid foundation and it is no surprise it has gone from strength to strength.

Why you may ask have I decided to test the experience? Well, I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to delivery experiences and it does come with a certain amount of uncertainty considering they are never cheap and you have to trust it is going to arrive in one piece. Pasta Evangelists have always had a strong presence online and therefore, I have always been curious whether it lives up to the upmarket branding of the company. I received a deal where I got 50% of my first two boxes and two free cocktails with an added two free tiramisu with my first box. Now this was the perfect chance to give it a try. You can get 50% off your first two boxes and 2 free cocktails by using this link (not an ad).

So are you ready for my experience? Keep reading!

I ordered my box on the Wednesday and it arrived on the Friday! When they say the delivery is quick, they mean it. It was also well insulated and most of the packaging (if not all) is recyclable. I must admit it was quite exciting receiving the box and it definitely made my Friday a whole load better.

When you submit your order you choose from over 20 recipes that change on a weekly basis. I ordered two double portions of pasta and you can chose whether you want pasta weekly, every two weeks, three weeks or monthly (it is also very easy to cancel the subscription service and you are not indebted to carrying on the service after the first box). In my order was the ‘as seen on the BBC’ recipe of ‘Rockpool Ravioli’ with Crab, ‘Coral’ Crisp, Samphire and Pea Purée and their own Truffle, Stracciatella, & Parmesan Triangoli with Truffle Butter and Hazelnuts. I also received of course my two free cocktails, tiramisu and a pack of black truffle crisps.

The boxes were easy to store and had a use by date of the Sunday (two days after the box arrived). I was pleasantly surprised that you can freeze the pasta if you wish and it comes with instructions on the best way to store them and for how long.

On the Friday we decided to have the ‘Rockpool Ravioli’ which was the dish I was most excited to try as I’ve grown up eating crab and as a Student have missed the taste of fresh seafood. The pasta was a fantastic colour through the use of squid ink and you can definitely tell it was homemade. I have to agree when they say their pasta exceeds any ‘fresh’ store bought pasta; it is hard in texture and carefully crafted. The dish only took 4 minutes to put together and the instructions are clear with a methodical way of cooking that is stress free.

The cooking time provided meant the pasta was perfectly cooked, and the parmesan crisps added a much needed edge to accompany the freshness of the crab. Although I think I would have put the parmesan crisps on for longer and the samphire although nice, I don’t think added too much flavour to the dish. However, the pea purée was a welcome addition to the pasta, which I would have never thought to put with ravioli (or any pasta for that matter).

On first look, I didn’t think 4 ravioli’s would be enough but I’d say it was just the right amount. I still had room for my dessert and I didn’t leave the dining room table feeling 5 times heavier which usually happens after eating pasta. With both dishes this was a noticeable difference, probably from the homemade nature of the pasta itself.

The Crab Ravioli was an enjoyable way to shake up a Friday and feel like I was in a restaurant without having to book, go out and spend a lot of money. Yes, the dishes are pricy and if you buy them without the discount two portions would come to £17.10, not something a student budget or low income household could afford. But if you have an anniversary coming up, you want to celebrate or you want to plan a special date night, then this is a great option.

Next in our pasta menu was the previously mentioned, Truffle, Stracciatella, & Parmesan Triangoli with Truffle Butter and Hazelnuts.

The pasta’s ‘use by’ date was on Sunday so we had the last pasta dish on that day rather than freezing it. I was pleasantly surprised by the rather large portion of pasta we received, alongside two portions of truffle butter to turn into a sauce and a pot of hazelnuts to toast.

Again, the pasta took only 3 minutes to cook and the dish itself was incredibly easy to assemble. The only thing I noticed with both dishes is how runny the sauces are. From previous experience making sauces with a base of butter (tends to be more of an emulsion) this tends to happen but notably the pea purée from the previous dish had a similar issue so a slower and longer cooking time would have been more useful for it.

Now, I made the unfortunate discovery when tasting the truffle crisps on the previous Friday that I do not like truffle. I mean it was always going to be a gamble and it is good to know now that it does not sit well with me, its just a shame that the main focus of this second dish was truffle. However, my sister enjoyed it so that is not to say it was not good and I still ate it. Again, the pasta was really well made and it was nice to have something different to look forward to. This dish came in slightly more expensive at £18.90 for two portions (£9.45 a portion). Yet, on reflection this may actually be a cheaper option for good food when you consider that most restaurant dishes come to around £10-12 each.

However, with the discount and the addition of tiramisu and the cocktails I received all of the above for £21.00. That comes to around £5.25 a portion without the addition of the tiramisu and cocktails. Not bad right? I was really impressed with the variety of dishes on offer and the ingredients they use. It is well sought out, fresh and does not seem to be altered by the delivery process.

The tiramisu was really good, there wasn’t too much soaked sponge at the bottom which I prefer. The mascarpone level was nice and fluffy and there was the perfect amount of coffee through the mix. The tiramisu is also served in a glass (or thick plastic I couldn’t tell) ramekin which we have now included in our cupboard to reuse.

The tiramisu was a complimentary upgrade that got sent to my emails so if you do sign up be sure to keep a keen eye on your inbox.

Overall, it was really nice to bring restaurant quality food to my dining table with stress free instructions and a quick turnaround. Although I was not completely sold on the second dish I’d be interested to try the macaroni cheese (which looks a lot better than your standard Mac and cheese), one of the ragù’s and a veggie dish. The price point for a subscription service is one of the parts I’m still not 100% sold on considering it would bring my weekly food shop up considerably and you have to spend a certain amount to get free delivery (I think it is £20). So in that sense, it is not something that I would subscribe to weekly or bi-weekly. But for a nice occasion it is the perfect excuse to make a bit more effort without completely breaking the bank by going out.

Like I said if you want to get your own box, use this link to get 50% off your first two boxes as well as two free cocktails. Enjoy!

Have you tried Pasta Evangelists for yourself? What did you think? And what is your opinion on subscription services? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,


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