My Autumnal Style Guide

Yes, Autumn has finally arrived. It’s currently very wet and dreary in Edinburgh and the leaves are starting to turn a lovely shade of orange. Which also means it is one of my favourite times of year (unless you get caught in said wet rain).

I have planned a styling post for a few months now but have never managed to actually sit down and write it. Rather than trying to fit in loads of photo opportunities into my schedule, I thought I would dig out some old ones and some spontaneous photos to highlight what have become a staple in my Autumn wardrobe.

Filled with links, photos, videos and some good old advice, this post will get you set up perfectly for the new season!

A Statement Coat

Longline Jacket Options

Monki, Classic Double Breasted Dark Green Coat

Shop here.

Next Revere Collar Coat (in Petite and Tall/Regular)

Shop here.

La Redoute, Recycled Wool Mix Coat

Shop here.

Now there is nothing better in Autumn than taking out your thick autumnal coat. I must admit I have a slight jacket obsession and that has only continued with this pink textured longline coat.

I practically jumped for joy when I seen it and have worn it at every possible opportunity. I sized up so I could fit thicker jumpers over the top (I’d say that is a pretty good thing to keep in mind when buying any autumn/winter jacket) and it fits perfectly.

This jacket has probably got the most compliments when out an about out of every jacket I own and it is from ASDA! I must admit, Asda have recently disappointed me when they partnered up with Missguided however I stay clear of that collection and, as always, make sure I’m picking up pieces that I know I will wear continuously.

If you’re not into Pink, longline jackets are still a great piece to pick up. They instantly smarten up any outfit and are pretty timeless. Check out this black one in the below image!

High Neck Tops

High neck tops have become a must have item in my wardrobe, especially in this Scottish climate. If you’re like me, you can transition so many items from Summer (see the next section for more info), into Autumn appropriate outfits through adding a long sleeve, high neck top. Autumn is about layering people!

The ones I have at the minute are Primark and they have lasted me a good 4 years (shocker, I know). However, I am not going to link to Primark, instead I would highly recommend investing in slightly thicker and higher quality tops.

Paired simply on their own or under a dress, I promise if you pick up a few in multiple colours you will not stop wearing them!

Long Sleeve Roll Neck Options

UNIQLO, Ultra Warm High Neck Long Sleeved Top

Shop here.

Mango Second Fine Knitted Roll Neck Top

Shop here.

Monki Stretchy Turtleneck Top

Shop here.

Transitioning Your Dress Collection

It is pretty impressive how many ways you can wear a dress when you really think about it. From adding some tights, another layer and some longer length options, you can have a wealth of Autumnal outfits to chose from.

As you can see, I wore this dress in Summer. It’s from Tesco and served me well when it was hot. However by adding a turtle necked vest underneath and a warmer jacket, I instantly had an outfit that was better fitted for a colder climate.

I always implore people to have a right think about what they already own and to see how many ways they can style it. I promise it is actually quite a good way to fill an evening.

It’s the same for this slip dress, once I added a long sleeved top, a belt and some jewellery, it was perfect for going out in Autumn. And when it gets even colder I’ll add some boots and tights. I’ve done a whole post on my slip dress, including a reel if you want more information on how to style it for every weather.

I highly recommend buying a slip dress because it is so easy to add a t-shirt or jumper on top and you can also make it into a skirt.

Transitional Dress Options

ASOS Design midi cami slip dress

Shop here.

Next Short Sleeve Wrap Dress

Shop here.

Glamorous Midi Smock Dress

Shop here.

Statement Dresses

Whilst we are on the conversation of dresses, it is a really good idea to add a few items that can be styled up but also worn casual. This one from Kaffe Clothing is perfect for a nice dinner out, for drinks, the theatre or can be dressed down with some trainers. Having a few reliable items can make getting dressed for an occasion a lot less stressful, especially when it is cold.

Styling Videos for Autumn


Jumper Options

ZARA, grey knit sweater.

Shop here.

ZARA soft knit sweater

Shop here.

& Other Stories Mock Neck Sweater

Shop here.

Sophie, you are going to be talking about knitwear and you’ve got a dress on? Yes, that is correct. I think a lot of people forget that knitwear doesn’t just have to include jumpers. A knit dress is a great addition to any wardrobe and this one from Zara is one of my absolute favourites (they do not appear to stock it anymore).

However having some jumpers you can rely on are also extremely useful!

This grey jumper, also from Zara, has lasted me a good while. In fact I am wearing it as I type this. It is not too thick so it is perfect for warmer autumn weather but you can also easily layer it. I love the fact the sleeves are slightly wider so you get a slightly different jumper to a standard grey one.

I always think when buying jumpers that you should think about what you already have and make sure you’re not buying too much of the same type, for example not too many thick cable knit jumpers, if you do that, there is only so much you can get from them.

Other Knitwear

Anna Fields Midi Stripe Dress

Shop here.

Superdry Knit Racer Dress

Shop here.

Green Balloon Sleeve Cardigan

Shop here.


Now there is only one thing that can make an outfit 10 times better, and that is a good accessory. Especially when we are getting into the colder months, a statement boot and and a nice hat can make the world of a difference.

My bright orange hat was practically part of my personality last year so I promise getting yourself a slightly different accessories never hurts! Plus my boots always get compliments every year and they are extremely comfortable and useful! So it pays well to have a keen eye for the details of an outfit.


Ribbed Wool Blend Hat

Shop here.

Light Pink Knitted Hat

Shop here.

UNIQLO Ribbed Beanie hat

Shop here.


Black Patent Boots

Shop here.

Embossed Animal Print Block Heel Ankle Boots

Shop here.

Teva Lace-up Hiker Boots

Shop here.

And that’s it, my official Autumnal style guide. Honestly, there are quite a few things I would add to this list but I think my laptop is ready to combust at the amount of files I have attached to this blog post. So if you would like a part 2 let me know!

I would also like to remind people that I am a conscious shopper and do not recommend going out and buying absolutely everything. Look at what you already have and make sensible decisions. Also places like Depop are great for finding these items second hand and at a better price point. I urge you to check out my sustainable blog posts for a better idea on how to add to your wardrobe sensibly.

Whats your favourite item/piece of advice?

Let me know below.

Much love,

Sophie x

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