This months Podcast recommendations

After posting my podcast recommendations in March earlier this year and having had some lovely conversations about it, I thought I’d bring you some more fantastic episodes/series for your ears! As I’ve said before I schedule in time to listen to podcasts before I go to sleep, this way I am not looking at a screen and can drift of listening to a conversation. But on the other hand podcasts are perfect to soundtrack your walks, cooking, cleaning etc. And from what I’ve listened to you can learn some pretty cool things from them as well!

What If? With Lorraine & Rosie.

This podcast is seriously interesting as Lorraine and Rosie delve into a host of celebrities career defining moments; from the extremely special turning points to their secret passions. A ‘what if’ question opens up a world of possibilities which causes every listener of this podcast to find out something quirky and interesting about the guest.

Not only that but Lorraine and Rosie’s dynamic is perfect. The mother-daughter duo make every guest feel instantly at ease as Lorraine takes her years of presenting skills to the table while Rosie often throws in the curve ball questions.

You can listen to the podcast via its website or any of the usual homes of podcasts.

Normal Not Normal with James and Oliver Phelps

Well for any Harry Potter fans like myself you might recognise these podcast hosts… yup it is Fred and George Weasley. The Normal Not Normal Podcast is filled with celebrity guests who have found themselves in the spotlight at a young age. They discuss what ‘normal’ is to them and the meaning behind the word.

I must admit I wasn’t entirely convinced that this topic would be too interesting for a whole podcast episode however, although it is always touched upon, it doesn’t take up the entirety of the episode. Instead the Phelps twins have deep and interesting conversations with guests such as Karamo Brown, Nat Tena (Nymphadora Tonks in HP), Mara Wilson (starred in a load of famous films: think Matilda, Mrs Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street) and a host of their Harry Potter friends (I recommend the episode with MinaLima (the graphic design department)). However, the one I’ve loved the most is their recent episode between Ed Sheeran, the Phelps twins and Ed’s manager Stuart Camp.

If you’re looking for an insightful conversation into the world of fame then this is the podcast for you!

Found on all podcast platforms.

This City with Clara Amfo

A podcast dedicated to London, Clara talks to a variety of different guests about what the city means to them. For someone who’s only been to London once (and that was on a school trip…sigh) you would think I couldn’t relate to anything that was said in this podcast. I mean to be truthful I rarely know what street anyone is on about.

However, you’d be wrong to think I don’t find it interesting. Amfo manages to bring a host of nostalgia to the podcast as she takes a deep dive into the guests daily routine around the city; their special haunts and favourite spots. I mean if you’re planning a trip to London then this is the podcast for you. But not only do you get to know the city, you also get to know the person and how such a seemingly insignificant part of someone (the place they reside in) can shape how they are, simply through a load of buildings and streets.

For a different but intimate take on a celebrity interview check out this podcast in the usual places.

Brydon &

I am not going to lie this was a really unlikely choice for me, I love comedy acts but Rob Brydon is not usually my cup of tea. However this podcast is extremely interesting, especially because Brydon seems to know every guest very well so it appears like a chat between two mates.

If you love comedy and want to hear some stories from some of the biggest comics out there then this is the podcast for you. However, that’s not to say it’s just comics on the podcast, he also entertains Chris Martin, most recently Michael Sheen and Sheridan Smith (to name a few).

I really enjoyed the episode with Lee Mack. You can find this episode and all other episodes of ‘Brydon &’ on Spotify.

So, there you have it. 4 more podcasts to add to your list. I’m not going to lie I’ve dried up with podcasts to listen to so if you have a suggestion please leave it down below! And let me know what you think of the above suggestions – if you can’t tell I am a sucker for an interview.

I was trying to think of something else to round it up nicely to 5 but I think that’s just me being a perfectionist more than anything else.

I must admit the thing I love most about podcasts is the fact the guests often forget they are on a podcast. You learn more about a person through these conversations than you’ll probably ever know through a structured, televised interview.

Can you think of the strangest fact you’ve learned about someone/something through a podcast? I’d love to know what that is.

Have a lovely weekend guys!

Much love,

Sophie x

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