A Year of Sophie’s Edit

A whole year. On the 17th May, when I am writing this, a whole year ago, I hit publish on this very site. I can’t actually believe that I’ve been writing continuously for a year. I’ve thanked you all on every social platform I have but I couldn’t not say anything right here where it started. Even if it’s a bit late.

Sophie a year ago was desperate to put her creativity into a space that she could call her own. But riddled with self doubt and imposter syndrome, she decided to put it off until the pandemic provided her with very little excuses. Thanks to my mum reminding me every day to just start I created sophiesedit.com. Little did I know that it would be a place where I could share my love of everything in my life, from food to world news to my latest clothes obsession.

But now i look at my website and think that is why it works. it’s me. i am a creative, not just a writer or a print seller.

Sophie’s Edit

I am not going to lie, I’ve always wondered whether covering a vast range of material would provide me with an audience who were very confused as to what I was trying to do. But now I look at my website and think that is why it works. It’s me. I am a creative, not just a writer or a print seller, I love everything that comes with the little corner of the internet that I have created.

I’ve discovered more about myself in the past year than I probably have my whole life. I’ve discovered I am extremely passionate about A LOT of things, and that shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, instead it’s what drives everything I do. A strong passionate woman is not something to be belittled, even if some people think it is their job to do so. I’ve also learned to write more honestly which in doing so has made me more of an honest person whether that is to others or to myself. And then practically I’ve learned to market, build and upkeep a website, to create a business, to write informally, to inform an audience, to capture images and to push myself to do things that I was too afraid to broach before.

I don’t write any of that to boast. Instead I want to reassure you that when you have a voice inside yourself telling you that your dreams are silly or ridiculous that you can learn so much from just taking a leap into the unknown rather than learning nothing from sticking to where you are. That is not to say it isn’t scary or extremely daunting, because it is. But I have always stuck to the saying that something worth doing is never ever easy. It contains hard work, determination and a lot of faith in yourself.

That’s also not to say that after a year doing this there isn’t a long way to go. My passion drives me to continuously look forward, there is so much I want to achieve in the years to come. I am a big dreamer and I don’t plan on stopping.

And finally I want to thank you, the reader. The 20 year old who started this platform was very afraid that no one would want to read what I had written, that no one would listen to a young, Scottish undergraduate who had no firm place in the world. But you did and I am eternally grateful for your companionship.

People always say that numbers are what make a person on the internet. And partly I can recognise that being successful on this platform is at the helm of the audience and its numbers. But that doesn’t mean I have to measure my success through the audience I accumulate on the other side. Rather, I want those who come to my website to read with comfort and interest. Whether that is a big audience or small. What drives me is the individual behind the screen looking for something to eat, something to watch, something to inform (whether that is on current world events or personal problems) or just a space to feel like you are represented.

So for the number of you who are invested in my content I hope you feel that this is a safe space for discussion, which is something I will always strive for. Whether you disagree or agree I am always here to hear your side of the story and in doing so I hope we can highlight to others that having an opinion, particularly as a woman, is not something to be scared of or ashamed of.

I’d love to know what your favourite post has been in the past year, please let me know below.

Sending you all the love,

best wishes,

Sophie x


  1. Kristen

    I loved reading your reflection, Sophie! I recently started my blog and I’m really happy I found this post to reassure me that I can write about all of the things I’m passionate about without feeling pressured to find that super specific niche (I have no idea how people choose only one thing to write about 😶)


    1. Sophie's Edit

      Aw thank you! I’m glad someone resonates with it! I must admit a few months on and I still have my doubts but I think sticking to my gut is the best way to go. And yes, I totally agree, I’ve got far too much I’m passionate about 😂x

      Liked by 1 person

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