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Last year my sister and I did our first order on Glossier. I’m not going to lie I was very dubious about how it was going to be because 1. it’s expensive and 2. it’s a brand who’s identity is very gimmicky, in the sense of them selling merchandise and it all being very pink. It’s definitely a company that is selling a lifestyle rather than just some makeup and skincare items.

However, I do like the attention to detail. From knowing an item is Glossier without reading their name to the little pouches and stickers that come with your order, this brand cares just as much about the products as it does about their aesthetic.

I bought the items before the news of Glossier’s treatment of ethnic minorities reached the media (or my ears). If you didn’t know last year a group of Glossier employees called out the company for acts of racism and poor management. If you want to find the open letter they penned to the company and the ongoings of the conversation, check out the IG account @Outtathegloss. It seems to be an issue directly associated with store management however that is not to undermine the fact the company as a whole failed to step up and take accountability/protect their workers.

Glossier did respond with a call to do better however as far as I know ‘Outtathegloss’ have not received a personal message and the issue was ‘laid to rest’ with no resolution. Although an American brand the problems are just centred overseas, the store in London are also under the same conditions as well as enduring poor sanitary levels. Glossier what are you doing?? The sad thing is another cult brand have managed to ‘escape’ lengthy accountability because they are so popular. Hence, why I probably won’t shop there again unless proper action is taken.

Glossier itself is priced at more of the middle-upper end of makeup and skincare. Something which definitely shocked me when ordering from them. Nevertheless they do offer bundle packages which my sister and I viewed as worth my money considering we could get 3 products for the price of 1 1/2. As you’ll find out the price was definitely a large factor in considering my views towards the products.

Besides all that I thought I would run down my opinions on the products I did order.

Product 1: FutureDew (£23)

‘A shortcut to the way your skin looks after a full skincare routine—dewy, glowing, cared-for—in one long-wearing product’ – Glossier

Now this is one of the products I was dying to get my hands on. I mean if you think of Glossier I am pretty sure 90% of people will think of this product. I have always loved more dewy, healthy looking makeup looks. Especially as I’ve gotten older, I want products to enhance the skin I’ve looked after rather than plastering it in full coverage makeup.

The product itself is an ‘oil serum hybrid’ so if you have oily skin I would definitely give this a miss, I have combination skin and can just get away with using it. Nevertheless, a plus side to the product is it works on making your skin look brighter (both instantly and over time) so you’re paying for a makeup and skincare product in one.

This is one of the products I have loved, you really don’t need a lot of it (we still have well over half the bottle left) and it does transform your skin, especially under makeup. I don’t wear it all the time; I don’t particularly like using oil based products too much and the price puts me off using it on the daily.

I have heard that people notice a difference in their makeups ‘staying’ power with this on underneath so it can definitely be viewed as a primer as well. I will often use a small amount all over my face to get a nice glow and then once I’ve applied my makeup I will dot a *very* small amount to my cheekbones and temples as a highlighter. Thus, however you view the product it definitely has a lot of uses. If I was to repurchase from the brand this is definitely the one item that would go into my shopping bag without hesitation.

Product 2: Boy Brow (£14)

‘A brushable, creamy wax that visibly thickens, shapes, and grooms brows into place.’ – Glossier

Another cult favourite, this brow gel took my fancy before I even got to the website. It definitely took the media by storm and became a cult favourite in a matter of weeks.

The gel contains ingredients to help moisturise and condition brows, so yet again Glossier have produced a two in one product (not that I sit around and moisturise my brows on the daily). When looking at the product I wanted it to tame my brows, leave no gel residue and for it to be easily applied.

Hence why I went with the clear gel.

However for £14 I was expecting more than a very small container (more the size of a mascara tester). I must admit this is the first time I’ve tried a brow gel so I can’t compare it against anything else, yet I was sorely disappointed by the lack of product and how much came out at once. A lot of the times I would have large white clumps of gel rather than a nice even coating.

£14 is more on the pricy side of things for a brow gel especially when I know there are cheaper options on the market or ones similarly priced with more product.

My sister on the other hand bought the same eye brow gel but in black. She didn’t notice any major changes to the colouring of the brows although it did colour more sparser areas. So, if you’re looking for something with a bit more depth and colour, I would look elsewhere.

Product 3: Balm Dotcom (£10)

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‘A hydrating lip balm packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish dry, chafed skin—in original or other fun flavors’ – Glossier

Now, this was an addition to the previous products in a pack we bought (minus one of the eyebrow gels) so I didn’t really go in with high expectations. I had heard a lot about it, in the sense of it being reputable but I’m *very* fussy when it comes to lip products so I was excited and curious as to how it would be.

In terms of the amount of product, this one was a decent size so it already overtook the eyebrow gel in my estimation on first glance. I just went for the plain and clear one so maybe this is better with a slight tint in it so it acts as both a lip care product and a lip gloss/lipstick.

Texture was a big part of my experience when it came to Balm Dotcom, it’s like a hard silicone and doesn’t glide over the lips. I have noticed that people also use it for treating dryness on their cuticles etc. so it definitely is a multi-use product.

However, the balm is still sitting very full and that’s not because it lasts ages, I’m just still sticking to my trusty Carmex. Maybe, I’ll eventually find a reason to use it or understand its hype but I think there are other alternatives for cheaper that you could find first.

So, overall there is probably only one product I would repurchase but with the ongoing mistreatment of staff and lack of action from Glossier I will probably be looking elsewhere.

You might be wondering, what is the point of writing a whole review of the brand if 1. they mistreat staff and 2. you are not going to buy from them again? Well, from conversations I’ve had, their horrendous actions have not reached nearly enough people. I would rather bring attention to the issue to inform people through honestly acknowledging both their products and their downfalls so people don’t continue to support them. I don’t want people to waste their money on largely overpriced products and a company who are unable to make amends. No one will change their actions if they don’t know the truth, right?

I hope this post brought to light both my feelings on the company and their products. I can 100% testify that my reviews of the products are solely based on how I got on with them rather than adding my feelings on their actions (or lack of action) to the mix.

I hope Glossier are doing something behind closed doors and install reassurance and evidence to their consumers so people can continue shopping with the confidence that they aren’t supporting a brand with the wrong ethics.

I would love to know if any of you have any dupes for these products or if you know anything else regarding their attitude.

Much love,

Sophie x


  1. mlgibb15

    I was completely unaware of the issues that Glossier has had, and am so glad you have brought this back to light! I have always been intrigued with the company and their products as I have heard great things about their products. I love the way that they promote natural skin, products to enhance natural beauty. But now knowing about how they have treated staff, I shall put my money and interest elsewhere! There are so many other amazing companies with great ethics, support and products-I’d much rather invest there!
    This was so interesting to read, thank you!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sophie's Edit

      I’m so glad you learned about it! The company is over saturated on social media so it’s hard to find the truth when it’s pretty well concealed. Plus as I’ve mentioned I do think there are better products on the market. Thanks for letting me know, I’m so glad you liked it x

      Liked by 2 people

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