Happy News | March

Happy News is a segment I started on my blog just before Christmas, when life seemed bogged down and miserable, days were long and coronavirus seemed never ending. Therefore the idea was created to spread some joy and some smiles amongst the chaos.

I thought this weeks blog post was the perfect opportunity to bring it back. Us ladies, and those who side with us, have had a long week of mental and physical exhaustion. I won’t expand or focus on it, honestly if you search up the events of the week of Monday the 8th of March 2021, it should paint a pretty clear picture of what I am getting at.

Whether you are in need of some happy news or not, I hope my long dive into the internet for some uplifting content makes you feel that bit better.

Grace is awake!

I heard of Grace’s story when she was first put into the coma, my heart went out to her and her family during such an awful time. She had to give birth because her health was deteriorating with Covid so her son and her boyfriend Lee spent the first few months at home without her.

Thankfully Grace appears to be on the mend and has now awoken from her coma, ready to step into motherhood with a healthy, happy boy!

Pandas Frolicking in the snow?

I mean what more do you want? The BBC shared a video of these pandas living their best lives in a Zoo in Washington DC. I am not going to lie, I’ve watched this a fair few times. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Watch the video as many times as you want here.

George Floyd’s family are receiving compensation from the city of Minneapolis

It has been reported that the family are to receive $25 million dollars from the Minneapolis council after they failed to properly train their police officers.

Of course this doesn’t bring him back but its what the family (at a bare minimum) deserve. Thankfully those guilty of his murder will also be put on trial later this year.

Finally, some justice for George Floyd.


Happy Animals

Now if anything is going to put a smile on your face it is going to be animals. But why have one when you can have 32?

These rather smily animals are guaranteed to brighten up your day. Enjoy!

32 happy animals are available here.

A Homeless Teacher Gets Help from a Former Student

Now if you want your faith in humanity to be restored then this is a good place to start. Steven Nava on his way to work every morning realised there was someone continuously sleeping out of his car.

The man turned out to be his former substitute teacher, José Villaruel, who stopped working after lessons went online last year. Not only did Nava gift his former teacher $300 but he also set up a GoFundMe page.

To find out more about this incredible story, click here.

A ‘Pioneering’ Arthritis treatment for dogs.

Yes you read that right, a revolutionary treatment for dogs is being called groundbreaking as it is helping dogs with arthritis.

The treatment was founded in the USA but dogs in Scotland will be the first to receive it!

To read more of the life changing treatment and the lucky dog in Falkirk who received it, click here.

Love is not Lost. 94-Year-Olds find love during the pandemic.

Not only is this extremely heartwarming but it also restores my faith in love (as much as my sour heart can take it). These two from upstate New York were determined to make their relationship work and are now on the way to a Spring Marriage.

Find out about the adorable couple here.

An 18 Year Old Wins $25,000 on her first Lottery Ticket

I mean talk about lucky, right!? This incredibly lucky 18 year old literally hit the jackpot on her first lottery ticket. Sloan Stanley bought it a few days after her 18th and has been in a permanent state of shock ever since, I mean I don’t exactly blame her.

I thought I was lucky winning £60 on my first ever scratch card!

You can read more about her story here.

I know I could have boasted high and low about the recent lockdown amendments happening here in Scotland but I feel like that would exclude a decent amount of people, plus who doesn’t want to know what’s going on in the wider world? Especially when there are pets, justice being served and loved up 94 year olds to document!

I hope these articles put a smile on your face. We’ve been going through some pretty rubbish times so it’s been nice to spread some joy and look at some adorable pets for a bit.

What was your favourite piece of happy news? Do you have anything you’d like to share? Let me know below!

Much love,

Sophie x

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