5 TV Shows Which Will Want to Make You Stay In.

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I mean we are in a pandemic, a state that requires optimum Netflix/TV watching, right? Who doesn’t love shows filled with drama, competition, beautifully designed homes and a nod to the 80’s?

Looking at this list I think fully describes my headspace right now; wanting to escape, decorate every angle in my house and, well, if I’m honest I really just want to meet Kevin.

So, if you’re looking for some shows to add to your watch list then this is the one.

Grand Designs

Personally, I am a lover of architecture, design and interiors so to go on the painstaking journey of building your own home without the loss of money or constant emotions sounds ideal. Plus Kevin Macleod is the holy grail of presenters when it comes to home shows, although in this series I must admit I severely questioned that *one episode* and its ending.

I’ve watched Grand Designs for as long as I can remember, it almost feels like I’ve grown up with it. Yes, it might be a running joke that I get far too annoyed when they don’t finish a project (I LIVE for the final result) but that comes with the process.

You can catch up with this series on All4 here.

Firefly Lane

I’ve just about finished watching Firefly Lane and I’ve been hooked since day 1. It’s only just been released on Netflix, based on the book by Kristin Hannah. If you’re looking for something with drama, 80’s music and the relationship of two women and their coming of age (alongside their traumatic love life; one getting divorced and one who refuses to ever get married) then I’d say this is for you. It does contain flashbacks which usually really annoys me but the attention to detail and the connection of the present day and the past means its actually bearable, I promise.

I’ve always loved Katherine Heigl and I’m delighted to see her grace our screens again. Firefly Lane is available on Netflix now.

Interior Design Masters

I used to watch Interior Design Masters when Fearne Cotton presented it, now in a surprise turn of events, it’s back but Alan Carr is the presenter. You can catch all previous episodes on Netflix and the new season has just started on BBC Two.

I love the show because you get to see numerous wannabe designers spread their wings amongst a multitude of challenges while critiquing them at the same time. They design spaces from show homes, hotels, offices and store fronts, which are made to challenge them and force them to push their creative boundaries. On top of this they are judged by highly celebrated interior designers. To me its like I’m living my dream through their reality. Watch the new series here.

The Masked Singer

In a shocking turn of events in my own personal taste *no shade*, I am officially a Masked Singer Lover. Now I HATED this show last year, I thought it was too Americanised and made me cringe from the get go. However, with the inclusion of Mo Gilligan I think its taken a turn for the better. Plus I actually recognise the majority of the singers and I am hooked on figuring out ‘who is behind the mask’.

It’s the final this weekend so if you want to catch up I’d be quick. If not taking a good scroll on TikTok or any news site will quickly tell you who’s already been discovered.

You can watch The Masked Singer on STV/ITV.

The Serpent

Completely different from the aforementioned programmes, The Serpent is both dark and mysterious. It tells the story of how Charles Sobhraj was caught and imprisoned after he managed to kill several travellers. Dutch diplomat Herman leads an investigation into finding Charles while the Gem dealer, which Charles poses as, continues his killing spree.

A fantastic show, brilliantly shot, with an amazing wardrobe, it fully immerses you into the story of the thrilling killer, which I must add is based on a real story.

The 8 part series can be found on BBC.

Embarrassingly, my mix of TV at the moment kind of suggests I am a 70 year old women in the body of a 21 year old but I am totally okay with that.

I promise I don’t spend all my time watching TV, but it does make life that bit more enjoyable, especially when you’re stuck indoors. Certainly with this eclectic mix of TV you’ll have something to watch for every occasion.

If you’re looking for more recommendations you can visit my ‘review’ page where I look at film, books, TV and more. Likewise if you want to keep updated with my posts you can subscribe (available on my homepage or dropdown pages) to my website where you will receive emails with direct links to every blog post as they go up.

Let me know your favourite TV show below!

Much love,

Sophie x

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