Some Happy News

This title is probably quite confusing but hear me out. Over the past 6-8 months I’ve repeatedly stopped looking at the news, mainly because it is filled with corona death tolls or the next impending lockdown. It is stress inducing and very much alters my mood.

Why is it as human beings we want to concentrate on the negatives so much?

I also find it largely difficult to look at because I know there are so many other important issues not getting reported on when they really need it. Through all of this I find myself on a cycle of anxiousness and disappointment and I know if I feel like this, there are probably loads more of you who are as well (at least I hope there is).

And that is not to say that the news on Covid isn’t important because I understand it is but when the thought consumes the majority of my head anyway why would I want to hear more about it ALL THE TIME?

So, I thought today I would highlight some more light hearted, positive articles and some general nice things going on in the world because we deserve to be informed and uplifted. It will literally take 10 mins and could make your day 100 times better. Remember looking after yourself is important!

The Happy Newspaper

I whole heartedly recommend you check out The Happy Newspaper where you can get a subscription to news that isn’t so downbeat and negatively driven. If you can’t afford the subscription their social media accounts are also a good one to follow for some more lighthearted content.

My sister started sending me their happy news updates from their socials and each time a huge smile breaks out on my face. It is refreshing to see people being celebrated and good things happening.

Newsround: Stories to Make you Smile

Newsround have been creating short videos documenting some positive news. This particular one concentrates on animals, including a young boy finding a very rare fossil. What’s not to love about some happy news surrounding some very cute animals? Find the video here.

‘Nigerian-Irish Teens Develop a Dementia App for Sufferers Coping With Lockdown–and It’s Won Awards’

I am all for celebrating peoples successes and these teenagers have done an amazing job at creating an app helping dementia sufferers during lockdown. Providing everyone with a bit more hope, this article is definitely worth a look.

Greek Athlete Helps Disabled Woman Reach The Top Of Mount Olympus […]’

I mean if there is going to be anything that restores your faith in humanity it’ll be with this guy. Sometimes it is hard to remember that good people and good things exist, especially when you’re stuck inside the majority of the time. Find the article here.

‘Man shelters 300 dogs from Hurricane Delta: ‘What’s beautiful is to see them happy”

If I am honest any story to do with dogs has me sold but when it has to do with someone saving 300, then I’ll click on it three times faster. This man’s story went viral and in doing so he has received so much needed funding for his animal shelter. Check out the story here.

Good Things Happening in the World

Although this was written in March it’s still highly applicable. It’s nice to remember what came out of such a bleak time and that it doesn’t have to be filled with dread and anticipation. Find the article here.

30 of the Happiest Animals in the World

Now this isn’t exactly news but it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! It includes a variety of animals and they are absolutely adorable! If you click on any link make sure it is this one!

I know some people say that just looking at the good stuff is unrealistic and we have to be open to knowing the bad as well as the good. Well, I am sick of hearing about the negative so excuse me if I spend 20 minutes of my time looking at happy animals and some uplifting stories.

It actually surprised me when doing the research for this post how much major publications were filled with negativity. I looked at both The Guardian and The Times, 95-100% of their homepages all had news which either said something terrible, berated someone else or set out a bleak plan for the rest of corona. Not exactly something everyone wants or needs to hear.

Now more than ever the good stuff is needed so I hope I could put even the smallest smile on your face. Let me know what you think and if you have any happy stories to share let me know in the comments.

Much love,

Sophie x


  1. mlgibb15

    Thank you for writing this!! I completely get where you are coming from with the COVID situation. It’s important to stay informed and safe, but it’s drowning out everything else important going on in the world. Having these sources of news that showcase the good still going on brings that bit of hope that we all need!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sophie's Edit

      Aw I’m so glad you like it and feel the same! Hope is a great thing and something which the newspapers kept reinforcing in their articles however they largely seem to haven forgotten that it also starts with them.


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