5 Beauty Must Haves for your Makeup Bag

I know when shopping for makeup it can seem really overwhelming and a lot of the time we get sick of what we use. So, if you’re looking for any new products to try out or want some tried and tested recommendations then keep on reading.

I might add that if you are completely new to makeup or want some tips on how to apply it then Youtube is your best friend. So many people make tutorials nowadays so just search exactly what you want and you’ll get helpful advice straight to your phone.

If you are having problems with your makeup sitting on your skin it is quite possibly your skincare affecting this. A lot of the time your skincare products won’t react well to certain products being applied on top. This is definitely worth researching and if you want some advice on skincare I have done a post here.

Product 1 – Setting Powder

I am not one for ‘baking’, I don’t like overusing powder because I find it dries my face out, takes the glow out of my face and quite often makes my makeup look thick and overdone. For me, I like to use a quick swipe of powder especially if it’s sunny or I am doing something that will make my products slide of my face. This particular product Maybelline FaceStudio Setting Powder is one I have used for ages and is quite possibly a dupe for the Laura Mercier translucent powder. You get a decent amount of powder in it and importantly it has no smell (not that fragrance actually affects your skin in a negative way I just prefer fragrance free).

I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s both affordable and will become a staple in your bag. I have heard reviews that if overused you will get flashback so maybe not one to try if you like baking. After doing some research it has also been rebranded to Master Fixer by Face Studio.

Product 2 – Brow Kit

This is what I have used since I first started filling in my brows. The Eylure Brow Palette has been a staple in my bag for a long time. Using the brush they also supply I can get definition where I want it and have a lot of control. I recommend using a ‘spoolie’ brush to disperse the product once applied.

I am not sure exactly how widely available these are anymore but I have linked one above from Ocado if you want to give this amazing product a try.

Product 3 – Concealer

I have used A LOT of concealers and like a lot of people this is my holy grail. I’ve only used it for just under a year but the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer gives enough coverage that on most days I don’t wear foundation. Best blended out with a wet sponge, this concealer has honestly changed the game when it comes to my collection of concealers.

My mum bought this as part of a set from QVC and it’s probably the only place you can get this concealer from the UK. It is pricy but I would say totally worth it. Plus, you get quite a lot of product and you definitely don’t need a lot of it when applying it.

You’ll need to be quick when buying it or keep a close eye on the website because they sell out very quickly.

Product 4 – Liquid Eyeliner

Now I now a lot of people have trouble when it comes to applying eyeliner. Trust me, I was once in that exact position. However, with practice and patience (which I usually have none of) you can do it.

Collection’s Fast Stroke Eyeliner is one I have bought time and time again and will continue to repurchase. I started applying eyeliner with this, hence recommending it as both a good place to start or to continue getting that classic cat eye.

If I haven’t sold you yet it is an award winning product plus it has great staying power. To add to this it is extremely affordable! I even got my flatmate Mara trying eyeliner with this exact product. What is not to love!?

Product 5 – Cream Highlighter

I personally have moved away from more of the powdered formula highlighters because I prefer a natural glow that looks part of my ‘healthy’ skin. I have a few products I could recommend for this but one that I keep going back to (and which coincidentally has the label rubbed off of it because I’ve used it that much) is Pixi’s Flawless Beauty Primer. I think since I last purchased this product they’ve rebranded because instead of being called a face illuminator it has been branded a primer.

I can’t say I’ve used it as a primer however the natural glow it gives and the fact it stays on my face all day makes it a win to me. The full bottle is quite expensive however this stuff lasts AGES. As you can use it as both a highlighter and a primer then you’re getting 2 products in 1. If like me you want to try it out then have a look at Pixi’s sets. I was gifted this mini as part of a set with some other great products, they have a variety of sets available here.

I also know that makeup isn’t for everyone and that ideally we should all embrace our natural skin because it is BEAUTIFUL! However, if like me you enjoy the process of painting your face then I hope these suggestions helped.

As I’ve gotten older my taste for makeup has evolved and now more than ever I like my makeup to embrace all the imperfections it has while adding a subtle glow and bronze. Fuss free is kinda the way to go! I think, like with everything else, your attitude to putting makeup on is so important!

If you have any makeup recommendations leave them in the comments below!

Much love,

Sophie x

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