No Fuss Haircare Routine

I am very lucky to have thick, relatively fuss free hair. However I do find it still needs taken care of, just like your skin. It’s only something I’ve recently implemented into my routine as I am generally more of a lazy person and simply want to jump in and out of the shower.

However, I think I have cracked a way of taking care of your hair without waiting in the shower for an extra 10mins or spending an excess amount of money on it.

Before I get into the details, it is probably important to mention the current condition of my hair. It is very thick, has the odd curl (or kink) in it and can be quite frizzy. As of right now I am in desperate need of a haircut – which is coming on Monday, thankfully! I think that is why I have wanted to bring steps into my current routine so the split ends don’t look too obvious and my hair can feel nourished.

As I stated in my skincare post, I am not a hairdresser or an expert on this matter. I am purely sharing what I have been loving and what works for me.

Step 1: Shampoo

I have never been a spender on shampoo, at all. I know it is probably good to invest in a decent one but to be honest, when I look at the bottle and it tells me a load of things that sound like chemicals, I want to run from the hills rather than slathering it on my head.

Instead I have a shampoo and conditioner which I use on the daily and one slightly more expensive shampoo which refreshes my hair to make it feel extra clean. The perfect combo I think.

Alberto Balsam – Coconut & Lychee Shampoo

For years I used the apple version of this which I never had any problems with but I have to say this one has been my favourite. It suggests that it will have a lasting fragrance for up to 12hrs, restores shine, gently cleanses and has Vitamin B5.

It smells amazing! The perfect scent of coconut and I have to say my hair has a great shine to it! However, what is even better is you can grab a bottle of this for as little as a £1, plus it is for all hair types.

I usually find it in Home Bargains, Tesco (or any supermarket), Poundland etc.

*Excuse the quality (darkness) of the photos, they were taken in an impending storm and I didn’t get a chance to take new ones.*

It is a useful thing to add that when washing your hair with shampoo you are supposed to do this twice. The first wash removes dirt, styling products and pollution. Then the next wash lets the goodness of the shampoo do its thing.

I don’t do this every wash purely because I don’t use styling products everyday and right now I am not around much pollution however I will do it at least once a week. It’s a good idea to use the Balsam shampoo first and then The Body Shop one.

The Body Shop: Fuji Green Tea Shampoo*

I have heard a lot of things about The Body Shop’s shampoo range and this one has not disappointed. Marketed as ‘refreshingly purifying’ and for normal hair, this has done the trick for my often dry hair.

It is formulated without silicones and is enriched with Japanese Green Tea and community trade Honey from Ethiopia.

My hair has felt really clean (which is a weird thing to describe) and comes away feeling smooth after using this. I do this every so often in my routine which means the £7 bottle lasts a while.

*My cousin (@Emma’s Skincare Essentials) kindly offered me a discount to try some products from The Body Shop, this is one of the ones I have been trying. However all opinions are my own and I genuinely am impressed with this product.

Step 2: Conditioner

I love conditioner! It thoroughly nourishes my hair and makes brushing it 100 times easier (which is often highly necessary with my hair).

When using conditioner I just apply it to the ends of my hair on an everyday (I wash my hair 3-4 times a week) wash routine although every so often, once maybe every week/two weeks, I will do a full condition to my hair, applying it all over my hair but still trying to not concentrate it to much on my scalp so it doesn’t get too oily/greasy.

Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Conditioner

To add to my shampoo above I use this for an everyday conditioner and I have to say it fully smoothes and conditioner my hair. Again for only £1 I can’t complain (and nor can my bank account).

On the plus side it is silicone free, detangling and smoothes the hair, improves the manageability (not sure if this is necessary to the list of positives but that is what is printed on the bottle) and also has vitamin B5.

When using conditioner it is better if left for a bit. I usually apply a decent amount to my ends and then swing it around my shoulder so I can wash my body, shave etc. then rinse it out. This way your hair will be ten times more smooth and will let the product do its thing.

I can confirm the coconut smell does really last.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Smoothing Hair Food Coconut & Macadamia

If you couldn’t tell I really like the smell of coconut. This is also a relatively new addition to my routine but I have seen quite a big difference after using it. The plus side to this product is that it can be used multiple ways; as a simple conditioner, as a mask which is left on wet hair for 3 minutes and then rinsed, or as a leave in conditioner which can be done on wet or dry hair applied to the lengths of your hair to tame frizz which leaves the hair smooth.

I use the second option, leaving it in wet hair for 3 mins. More so I can do everything else in the shower and then just rinse it out at the end. No fuss, just how I like it. However, I am tempted to try the leave in conditioner way purely to see if it tames my frizzy hair.

This is what I like about the product; it smells great and has multiple uses while being affordable. Not only this but you can feel the difference in your hair after using it. A solid 10/10 from me.

Step 3: After the Shower Products

I used to do the bare minimum when coming out of the shower, more concentrating on my skincare rather than my hair. However, I have added this one simple step which doesn’t take the time of day to use.

Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Hair oil.

This is a step I never thought I’d implement into my routine. Hair oils in particular always used to scare me, more because I always associated them with greasiness rather than improving the hairs condition.

Due to the fact I have really dry hair at the moment and far too many split ends, this product is extremely useful. Infused with Vitamin E it protects the hair, especially at the ends. Just what I need.

You apply it after shaking out your wet hair and you only need a pea size amount. It is also another amazing smelling product which lasts!

And that is it. That’s what I do to my hair to keep it from annoying me and looking like I’ve rolled around in a bush. It is after using these products that I am now comfortable doing my day to day activities without feeling like I need to put a straightener or curler to it. My natural hair for once looks fine!

These work for me and are affordable plus they don’t scare you with ridiculously named chemicals on the front of the bottles. I finally have approached hair care with a level head and no longer feel intimidated. Plus I still take roughly the same amount of time in the shower and don’t need to go out of my way to try and tame my hair.

If you’ve tried any of these let me know what you think or if you have any haircare stories/recommendations then send them my way!

Much love,
Sophie x

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