Your Privilege Should Not Silence You. Educate Yourself and Speak Up.

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Nothing easy is ever worth doing. I heard that once and have never let it go. This applied to this post. More than I want to admit. Because this isn’t easy.

Why you may ask?

I didn’t know what was right to say or what to do. I had this uneasy feeling in my stomach because as a white female, someone who is privileged, where do I begin? How can I help? More importantly WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING??

Through countless amounts of research and self reflecting I believe the best thing I can do is share the things I have come across that have helped and I believe are highly useful. More importantly, this should not become a ‘trend’ or a ‘phase’. This is important. It should be understood and changed.


One of the easiest ways to support the movement is by donating (if you can) and signing the countless amounts of petitions. Putting your name and email on a petition is not difficult and should not be excused. This is a way of making change and getting it into an office which can make that considerable change.

Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting, found here

A twitter thread to countless important petitions found here

The Action Pac (Political Force), found here


From an English lit. student’s perspective I believe one of the best ways to educate yourself on race and historical matters in general is reading about them. Fiction or non-fiction both are integral to expanding your knowledge and perspective on such matters.

I recently read “Girl, Woman, Other” by Bernadine Evaristo. An important piece of fiction that looks into 12 Black Women’s struggles. I highly recommend reading it.

Photo created by @Jane_mount (instagram)

I am going to make an effort to read more from black authors, to support their work and give myself a better understanding. This photo above found on @jane_mount’s instagram is a great place to start.


Instagram has a load of content regarding racism, white privilege and racial injustice (to name a few) . I highly recommend checking out @ohhappydani, @mireillecharper, @femalecollective and @ajabarber

@das.penman has useful links on educating yourself on UK racism

Please share more in the comments!

image created by @ohhappydani

Support black content creators, if you share their work TAG them.


If you can’t donate, you can watch Zoe Amira’s video ‘Stream to Donate: how to help with no money or leaving the house’ found here. It is full of ads which means 100% of the ad revenue will be donated to several charities/organisations she has linked. Make sure the ad blocker is turned off and it is recommended you watch on the YouTube app if the ads don’t appear.

Not only that but YouTube is full of resources to educate yourself on the history of racism, about white privilege and how you can be an ally.

Video on White Privilege, found here

Video on Systematic Racism (based on the US), found here

Tedx talk on the root of racial injustice by Megan Ming Francis, found here

Again, please let me know more down below.

Change Your Lifestyle

One thing I have noticed from the research I have done so far is the amount of things that can be changed in our day to day lives.

  • Stop supporting brands like L’Oreal who have only now openly supported the Black Lives Matter movement because it is deemed ‘palatable’. They once fired Munroe (@munroebergdorf) a black trans woman from a campaign after she spoke out on white supremacy.
  • Furthering this point, do your research on Brands, influencers etc. Who deserves your attention? Who is using the movement purely to benefit themselves and the algorithm?
  • Start supporting more smaller businesses owned by black people whether that is in literature, fashion, cosmetics etc.
  • Diversify your social media accounts and continue to share and support their content
  • Check out the resources available on websites like

I will never understand what black people have to go through. But what I can do is educate myself and support the movement. Please go and watch the videos, sign the petitions and support black creators.

This outrageous violence needs to stop but that can only happen when everyone registers that racism is a problem. It can only stop when white people realise that it is not enough to just be ‘not racist’.

I am not making this post to be ‘helpful’ or some sort of educator. I want you to go and educate yourself and share the resources YOU find.

Like I said, have those uncomfortable conversations, speak up and listen.

Enough is Enough.

Sophie x

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