Why I feel the Need to Write a Blog

I don’t know, for those who know me, if this exactly comes as a surprise but yes the website you’ve stumbled upon (or maybe I’ve made you read) is from my *I was going to say mouth but technically is actually my fingers*.

Yet for those who don’t know me, thank you for taking the time to read my blog in this little corner of the web. Please check out the About section of my blog for some more information on myself. I hope you’ll find something of interest here, whether that is an upcoming recipe, review or just a general glance at life as a student.

Anyway, it is hard to put into words exactly why I wanted to start my blog. It definitely started out as a love for food bloggers and the constant temptation to spend all my student funds on the array of food in Edinburgh (thank you @plateexpectations). However, I’ve also grown up watching and reading various amounts of content across the web, which, when studying English literature, prompts me to share my opinions, advice and interests.

I feel it is important to continue to share your voice even when that market may become oversaturated with wannabe instagram models *no disrespect might I add*. I’ve become more frustrated at myself for overthinking posting on social media and not being able to be authentically myself, therefore here I am. Trying really hard to not over think what I am saying and really hoping you’re not too cringed out.

Blogging is a platform extremely accessible to anyone. So, honestly, when struggling to find any internships and with the current health crisis (thank you Covid-19) I’ve decided to look at my life proactively and actually do something I’ve always wanted to.

Gone are the days of Sophie being scared, thinking she’s not good enough or is going to get relentlessly teased by all her friends (I do love you all really).

Keep an eye out on my instagram @sophieseditblog for further updates, any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome, please share them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and see you soon (I hope),

Sophie x

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