Hi, I am Sophie a 20 year old student and artist based in Edinburgh, studying English Literature. Originally from the Highlands I want to share my love of Food, Lifestyle, Media and my passion project; print making with you.

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Review: A Look Into the Failings of the Police Force in ITV’s ‘Des’

*This post contains small spoilers in terms of statistics to do with the case that might alter your viewing experience.* Des is a three part television mini-series based on the arrest of the Scottish serial killer Dennis Nelson. Debuting on ITV/STV on the 14th September, the show captivated and divided audiences with the horrific details […]

Exploring Scotland: John O’Groats

I couldn’t not start a series on my blog talking about all my favourite places in Scotland and not mention one of the most visited and iconic spots. Plus it is (or was when I was at home) pretty much on my doorstep. Growing up in the Highlands I have seen a lot of change […]

5 Beauty Must Haves for your Makeup Bag

I know when shopping for makeup it can seem really overwhelming and a lot of the time we get sick of what we use. So, if you’re looking for any new products to try out or want some tried and tested recommendations then keep on reading. I might add that if you are completely new […]


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