Hi, I am Sophie a 20 year old student and self taught illustrator based in Edinburgh, studying English Literature. Originally from the Highlands I want to share my love of Food, Lifestyle, Media and my passion project print making with you.

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Going Into a New Term with a Productive Mindset | Productivity Tips

Now I am very much they type of person who loves new stationary, especially when it comes to starting a new term. However, being away from all my usual bits and pieces (I’m studying from home rather than at my flat this term) meant I had to find new ways of finding productivity rather than […]

My Top 5 books of 2020

I’ve read a lot in the past year and to be honest I probably can’t remember every single book but I do want to share some of my favourites, ones I have reviewed and ones I have kept in the corner of my brain (in the hope I will write about them and never do). […]

Looking at 2021

I wasn’t planning writing any sort of post that looked back at 2020 to any degree and I suppose this post doesn’t exactly do that either. However it didn’t feel right to start back up again and not acknowledge my feelings towards 2021. I am definitely ready to move forward and hopefully go into a […]


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